Bullies Will Always Be Bullies…A Personal Story


I re-blogged my article about bullying to share my story. This is a very important topic which has affected our teens worse now in this generation.

Originally posted on KiKiLime Designs Blog:


I have used the initials of the bullies in this article because they don’t deserve to have recognition, praise or be famous for what they did to me.  After all, they already had their fame in high school. And we’ll leave it at that.

This is written for people who have been bullied and I believe in fighting for what’s right.

It has taken me some time to have the courage to write about this, since it was a difficult time in my life, socially.  Being bullied does not fall far too behind  being diagnosed with Lupus at age 16, that rates #1, as the worse time in my life, next to having a stroke. But that’s another story.

Since then, I have tried really hard to ward all of these demons, but somehow, when you’re traumatized as a kid it affects the rest of your life.  And…

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