The Magic of the Extruder Tool & Polymer Clay

Originally posted on KiKiLime Designs Blog:

I love this polymer clay method!  Using a mix of different colors pushed through an extruder you will come out with an array of different shapes & colors resulting in beautiful combinations of color. 

I have used this method & what’s fun about it, is the anticipation of the outcome, what will the colors end up looking like?

Here’s an example of my jewelry using the extruder & a mix of grey, turquoise, white, purple, fuchsia & lime green. I made a ring, cuff bracelet & necklace. I’m not an expert yet , but I don’t think I did a bad job. 

The best kind of extruder is the Makins Extruder, it has a better handle so you can twist instead of pushing the clay through. It’s less stress on your hands. 

Below is an example of the Makins Extruder Gun which I found on 

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